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Permanent Lip Makeup


Do you wish for more definition in your lips? Ask us about our popular semi-permanent lip tattoo treatment. 

Lip tattoo is ideal for those who have uneven lip shape, scarred lips with lost or pale coloring, plus people simply wanting a fuller appearance.

Your technician will implant color in a fine line along the outer edge of the lips, giving a lovely defined shape for lip liner. The lip blend is then created in the same color blended from the lip line towards the centre of the mouth to give a more ‘tinted lip’ appearance. This treatment can also be performed with no outline at all for an even more natural appearance. 

We offer: Borderless lip tint (most natural effect with no full shape correction) , Ombre lips (more intense outline and concentrated edges with softer inner part of the lip) , full lipstick look (very concentrated color) 

Color fading can be quite drastic with lips with loss being up to 80% in 6 weeks from initial tattoo. No more lipstick stains!

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