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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow Microblading

If you color your eyebrows every day, microblading will save you lots of time and give you a full, natural look. Sparse areas can be filled in. Hair strokes are made on the skin of your eyebrow. By adding hair strokes on your eyebrows, a fuller look is created.

Eyebrow Shading

This technique is for those who want a more delicate look and a fuller eyebrow.

Eyebrow Pricing

Prices Include Pre-Procedure Numbing, Aftercare Product, and TWO Sessions. 


Second session should be scheduled for 8-12 weeks later.

Additional Session Pricing:

3-6 Months- $200

6-9 Months- $250

9-12 Months- $300

12-18 Months- $350

18+ Months- Full Price

Prices are subject to change based on each client's needs. Sometimes there are additional sessions needed to achieve the desired look.

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