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Permanent Eyeliner

We can help you to create a beautifully crafted semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo in your choice of color, weight and style. Eyeliner tattoo is very convenient for those who have no time to play around with creating an even eyeliner every morning on both eyes. Imagine being able to wake up in the morning and already have your eyeliner looking perfect!

Eyeliner tattoo is also a great option for people who have very pale pink eyes, oily skin where makeup always smears, small eyes needing definition and shape, those who suffer from allergies to makeup and of course those who wish to wear eyeliner all the time. We also see many clients who have poor eyesight and wear contact lenses or glasses often.

Top and bottom eyeliner can be done extremely fine, thick and bold, smudged, shadowed and winged. ultimately the choice is yours however some treatments are not suited to all eyelid and skin types. please enquire to find out more. 

Eyeliner Pricing

Prices Include Pre-Procedure Numbing & Aftercare Product

Bottom Lash Enhancement- $500

Top Lash Enhancement- $600

Thick Top Liner- $700

Thick Top with Wing- $800

Top & Bottom Lash Enhancement-$850

Prices are subject to change based on each client's needs. Sometimes there are additional sessions needed to achieve the desired look.

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